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For the millions of men, women and children living in developing countries, the need for the very basics of living – water, power, transportation and communication, for example – is greater than in our developed world. Here, the resources available to us can be tapped with relative ease and the infrastructures on which we rely and which we often take for granted are in place.
In many developing nations of the world, people are faced with different challenges, such as drought, famine and war, and this constant battle with daily life is made easier thanks to the assistance of the numerous aid organizations operating worldwide. We are an aid organization with a difference. We want to donate something more valuable than money. We want to give our knowledge and skills to aid development and, thus, improve the living conditions in countries requiring help.
Our true and proven skills and experience lie in academic teaching as well as developing and creating functioning infrastructures. This know-how has grown gradually over many years teaching at Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM) and can be seen in many projects for which we have been called upon to provide assistance. We would like to give projects such as this in less fortunate regions our attention.
Staff and students at all levels within TUM have pledged their voluntary support for topics related to development policies in the developing world.